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March 20, 2007

Tuesday evening

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On Monday we went to Elton the Tailor to get shirts made, he was funny and told me to get a John Travolta shirt. We chose the fabric and colors and he said, ” OK money time, how you pay me?” We also bought wrist watches, 3 for $10 and a pinkie ring. One of the watches already stopped working. Then we went to a restaurant that is right on the ocean and got chili crabs. The chili crabs were good but we thought the black pepper crab we got was better. I really want to find a Tiger beer t-shirt because I think it would look cool. Tiger beer is the beer of Singapore and the label is cool.

A very significant factor in this entire trip has been the jet-lag which is awesome. We are 12 hours ahead so I am tired all the time, also I didn’t sleep at all on the really long plane ride because it was really hot and nasty and cramped on the plane, and the work-ass-trick in front of me had her seat all the way back and me knees were being crushed for 12 hours. So I got up and tried standing the whole time but got sick after like 10 minutes of standing. Tomorrow we are going to leave and take a flight to Hong Kong which will only be 4 hours which is awesome. If the person in front of me puts their seat back I’ll probably smash their face in a car windshield when we arrive in China.

We got the shirts today which is surprising because he made 4 in only one day. One of them was not the pattern I asked for but it is blue and looks OK. They fit perfectly because they were made for us which is good. Tonight we went to dinner in a food place on the street where we got some good food including seafood fried rice, and black pepper beef.


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