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March 21, 2007

Wednesday afternoon goodbye Singapore

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Today we left the Swissotel and took a taxi to the airport.  I was finagled into the first class lounge which is better than lame-ass coach.  The flight is only 4 hours which will be nice.  I know that on this flight, the person in front of me will not put their seat back, unless they would like to be thrown down an elevator shaft later on at the airport.


March 19, 2007

Monday Morning

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We just got back from breakfast at the hotel and I had some oatmeal that was very good. Today we are going to go to Chinatown and maybe to a tailor to see if we can get some shirts made by Wednesday. We went to dinner last night at a restaurant called Doc Cheng’s and I got this thing called oyster procession which was four oysters on a plate with all different sauces on them. Then we went to a place called the Long Bar where the floor is covered in peanut shells. This is also the place where the Singapore Sling drink was invented and my Dad got one.

My oysters: oyster.jpg Ordering a Singapore Sling: SL at the Long Bar ordering a Singapore Sling

March 18, 2007


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Today we went to the Singapore zoo and saw elephants painting. It was very easy to get there because everything on the train is in English and the people speak English. We also go to see a huge white tiger and baby baboons wrestling. One of them even pinned the other baboon and wouldn’t let him get up.

After the zoo we went to a crowded place with tables and got some roast duck and noodles from a small food place. We also got sweet barley flavored drinks which were good because they were with ice and it’s about 90 degrees out and very humid. We have been seeing lots of T-shirts the Singaporeans are wearing that make no sense and I don’t think the people realize it. They usually consist of a few random words like happy raccoon party fusion, or a whole sentence like We are all the heroes of our life stories with no end.

March 16, 2007


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Yesterday my Dad and I went to turn in papers so that I could get a passport. The security guard was a short, fat black guy whose shoulders were at his eye level. He also had a gold tooth, and his shoes were very shiny, and his pants were pulled up way too high. He had a billy club and a gun, and he was angry.

We saw the security guy again today when we went in to pick up the passports. It didn’t take very long to get the passport and we left. Then I went to school and when I got home I was very excited to go on the trip. My grandparents were thoughtful enough to get Chinese money from the bank and send it to me to use on the trip. The money looked very interesting and I will be able to use it in Hong Kong to buy a fried cat.

The flight is 20 hours and I can’t wait to go on the trip.

March 12, 2007

Welcome to my blog

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I am very excited about my trip to Asia next week.  First, I am flying to Japan with my father, then we will fly to Singapore where chewing gum is illegal.  Then we will travel to Hong Kong where I will see what it’s like in another country for the first time in my life.

The Flight is 20 hours and I will have a chance to use my portable, personal lumbar support chassis.  I will also have some time to get ahead in my reading for English class.

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