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March 23, 2007

Hong Kong Friday

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Last night we took a ferry and then a taxi to get to a famous noodle place.  The place was small and dirty and there was roach powder everywhere but supposedly someone offered them a million dollars for their recipe.  The soup was good, it was noodles with brisket.  After that, we went to a crazy market place on a dirty street.  All these shacks were set up selling things like wallets, and camera lenses, and switch blades, and AK-47s, and much much more.  It was exciting to see all the big lit up signs and all the people in such a small area.


March 22, 2007

Hong Kong Thursday

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Today we are in our hotel in Hong Kong, we can see a huge mountain out of our room window that looks cool. The plane ride here was only 3 hours and no one was sitting in front of me or next to me so it was great. We don’t know what we are going to do here but it is very exciting and the buildings all look cool just like in Singapore.

 Hong Kong from the Lounge window

March 21, 2007

Wednesday afternoon goodbye Singapore

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Today we left the Swissotel and took a taxi to the airport.  I was finagled into the first class lounge which is better than lame-ass coach.  The flight is only 4 hours which will be nice.  I know that on this flight, the person in front of me will not put their seat back, unless they would like to be thrown down an elevator shaft later on at the airport.

March 20, 2007

Tuesday evening

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On Monday we went to Elton the Tailor to get shirts made, he was funny and told me to get a John Travolta shirt. We chose the fabric and colors and he said, ” OK money time, how you pay me?” We also bought wrist watches, 3 for $10 and a pinkie ring. One of the watches already stopped working. Then we went to a restaurant that is right on the ocean and got chili crabs. The chili crabs were good but we thought the black pepper crab we got was better. I really want to find a Tiger beer t-shirt because I think it would look cool. Tiger beer is the beer of Singapore and the label is cool.

A very significant factor in this entire trip has been the jet-lag which is awesome. We are 12 hours ahead so I am tired all the time, also I didn’t sleep at all on the really long plane ride because it was really hot and nasty and cramped on the plane, and the work-ass-trick in front of me had her seat all the way back and me knees were being crushed for 12 hours. So I got up and tried standing the whole time but got sick after like 10 minutes of standing. Tomorrow we are going to leave and take a flight to Hong Kong which will only be 4 hours which is awesome. If the person in front of me puts their seat back I’ll probably smash their face in a car windshield when we arrive in China.

We got the shirts today which is surprising because he made 4 in only one day. One of them was not the pattern I asked for but it is blue and looks OK. They fit perfectly because they were made for us which is good. Tonight we went to dinner in a food place on the street where we got some good food including seafood fried rice, and black pepper beef.

March 19, 2007

Monday night

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Today we went to Chinatown and ordered shirts to be made from a tailor.  We picked out the fabric and then the collar style and pockets. The tailor guy said that they will be delivered to our hotel tomorrow night.  My favorite place in Singapore is Suntec City, which is a huge building filled with hundreds of electronic stores.  Soon we will be going to a restaurant with one of my Dad’s friends from work and I hope to get some chili crabs.

Monday Morning

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We just got back from breakfast at the hotel and I had some oatmeal that was very good. Today we are going to go to Chinatown and maybe to a tailor to see if we can get some shirts made by Wednesday. We went to dinner last night at a restaurant called Doc Cheng’s and I got this thing called oyster procession which was four oysters on a plate with all different sauces on them. Then we went to a place called the Long Bar where the floor is covered in peanut shells. This is also the place where the Singapore Sling drink was invented and my Dad got one.

My oysters: oyster.jpg Ordering a Singapore Sling: SL at the Long Bar ordering a Singapore Sling

March 18, 2007


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Today we went to the Singapore zoo and saw elephants painting. It was very easy to get there because everything on the train is in English and the people speak English. We also go to see a huge white tiger and baby baboons wrestling. One of them even pinned the other baboon and wouldn’t let him get up.

After the zoo we went to a crowded place with tables and got some roast duck and noodles from a small food place. We also got sweet barley flavored drinks which were good because they were with ice and it’s about 90 degrees out and very humid. We have been seeing lots of T-shirts the Singaporeans are wearing that make no sense and I don’t think the people realize it. They usually consist of a few random words like happy raccoon party fusion, or a whole sentence like We are all the heroes of our life stories with no end.

Sunday morning

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Today we went to get some Singaporean breakfast.  It had bacon and eggs but also some Singaporean dumpling type deals with lots of chicken.  Last night we went to a Starbucks that had like 40 people in it and got coffee.   Our cab driver told us about famous Singaporean chili crabs which sound very good.   Today we might go to  the famous zoo here and see some exotic animals including raccoons I guess.  All of the buildings here are architectural masterpieces, none of them are just rectangular.  They have a DHL balloon that goes up in the middle of the city that i can see from my hotel room.  Also, there is an enormous Ferris wheel being built near our hotel.

March 17, 2007


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Today we took a flight to London, then got on a 12 our flight to Singapore with a butt-load of Australians.  When I was putting my bag in the x-ray the strap got caught for a second, and I said sorry to the British guy and he said, “It’s Allright” with a British accent that was very exciting.  The flight was terrible and sweaty and I wanted to stand up the whole time but standing on the plane made me sick after like 20 minutes.  Singapore is awesome and very hot and humid.  There are lots of lights and night clubs and crazy attractions.  The Singporian cab driver was funny and said “I reckon.”

March 16, 2007


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Today We are flying to London and I am waiting in the first class lounge with my Dad even though I am flying coach. It is very exciting because there are free muffins. I can’t wait to see London because I have never been to Europe and I think P Diddy lives there.  Our cab driver was cool he was big and had a scally cap and told us about how he can feel the change of temperature on his face when he rides his motorcycle out of Boston.  He also told us about Ray Flynn being shitfaced and how his wife is a nurse.

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